Prelude Group Show

The Artist Alliance of Boise had their first group show at the Evermore Gallery for First Thursday. It was a huge success with a shoulder-to-shoulder turnout. A big thank you to The Mode Lounge for supplying the patrons and artists alike, with tasty beverages and hors d’oeuvres. Also thank you to the supporters of local […]

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How To: Parking Downtown

A guide to making that daunting drive downtown a little bit easier. Trust us, we do it everyday 🙂 Things to know: It’s (kind of) FREE! The parking garages offer the first hour of parking for free, and street level parking has 20 minutes free. So if you’re just dropping off some originals or picking […]

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Local Currents: Artist Alliance of Boise

We’d like to welcome another group of local artists pushing the boundaries of the Boise art scene. Introducing the AAB: Artist Alliance of Boise is an independent, self-curated, and diverse group of visual artists passionately involved in revitalizing the local art scene. Our mission is to be a positive, forward-thinking force, engaging the power of art […]

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