Local Currents: Artist Alliance of Boise


We’d like to welcome another group of local artists pushing the boundaries of the Boise art scene.

Introducing the AAB:

Artist Alliance of Boise is an independent, self-curated, and diverse group of visual artists passionately involved in revitalizing the local art scene. Our mission is to be a positive, forward-thinking force, engaging the power of art as a vehicle to bring people together in symbiotic exchanges of ideas and culture. We are dedicated to applying our shared skills and experience to cultivate unique opportunities that go beyond the scope of established local art exhibitions. AAB intends to put Boise on the map as a thriving arts hub for the Pacific Northwest, contributing to the cultural health of the area as it exponentially grows.

Members of AAB not only provide moving, innovative, and meaningful art experiences for artists and patrons alike, but also serve as a community, mentoring fellow artists, answering questions from the curious, and making themselves and their work more available.

AAB is currently looking to build new partnerships with groups and individuals who share our philosophy on art in action. We believe art is a catalyst for the betterment of society and the fulfillment of humanity. The benefits of working with AAB go beyond networking. By working together, lines will be opened for constructive dialogue to discover where we collectively stand, and determine our course for the elevation of the arts and the greater good of our beloved home and its inhabitants.


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