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If you aren’t connected with us on social media, here is a recap of our recent #SupportLocalArt campaign where we highlight local artists. Click the image to check out what they’ve been up to. If you or anyone you know would like to be featured in our artists spotlight please email Please include “Artist Spotlight” in the title, a brief statement about what you’re working on, and links to your:

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Please enjoy this peek into the working studio of Rachel Teannalach. Evermore Prints is excited to showcase one of our favorite local artists.

Rachel Teannalach creates contemporary landscape paintings that are intimately tied to place and season. Rachel is known for her bold, expressive brushstrokes that evoke the feel of the places she paints. Her work was recently selected for Boise Art Museum’s 2020 Triennial.

Beth Suter

is currently collaborating with a new company, Idaho Merch, to turn her most popular painting designs into the form of clothing, hats & beanies, totes and other gifts. Idaho Merch is an online marketplace that sells apparel and other merchandise created by amazing Idahoans. They are currently adding products from Idaho artists everyday with a formal website launch planned for April 2nd.
Facebook & Instagram | @bethsuterart

Hello from Seda Studio!

As an artist, oil painter, I am so used to being here at the studio by myself and creating new works of art. For now I am working on finishing up new pieces and starting to create a new body of work where I am experimenting on a few new ideas. My 900 square foot studio addition with 13 foot high ceilings is still a go and will begin in April, so I am doing my part to help the economy!!! New work is constantly being posted on Instagram, Facebook and my web site.

I remember as a child going to the local bank, standing in line with my parents, to get my sugar cube with a dose of medicine to prevent polio! Be safe, be positive and we will get through this!!! Enjoy my new work!
Instagram | @janyrseda

Debra Bruner

Early in life I discovered an affinity for creating art in a variety of forms. I began with simple drawings of my favorite animals. Expanding into sculpted art for many years, horses, wildlife and birds became my focus. I am primarily a self-taught artist, however, I was influenced by many exceptional artist as I was growing up. My mother was an accomplished artist working in porcelain and ceramics most of her life. She was well known for her reproduction porcelain dolls and bird sculptures. We spent many hours together working on birds, flowers and wildlife sculptures. Upon her passing, I sold my kiln and embarked on a new path into Fine Art Watercolors. I invested time with a master Western Art Watercolorist in Texas. He influenced my style and gave me the basics of watercolor principles. My watercolor subjects are influenced by western and ranching culture and often feature ranching themes. This is the lifestyle I grew up with and continue living today. I hope you will see in my paintings, glimpses of my everyday life that includes the animals I love and the people I meet along the way.
Facebook & Instagram | @debrabrunerstudio

Suzanne Lee Chetwood

is a vibrant figurative landscape painter residing in Boise Idaho. American born in 1976, Suzanne embraces humanity through her unique vision in her portrait and lens artworks.

You can help support Suzanne Lee Chetwood by visiting her website: and picking up her art on bandanas:
• Soft & durable!
• $20 each (Pandemic Sliding scale)
• Extra thick weave, style it many ways
Facebook & Instagram | @suzanneleechetwood

Betsie Richardson

I pay homage to life in the West from land to table in my oil paintings. I paint real subjects that spring my spirit to life, whether that’s a made-from-scratch donut or an empowered young woman guiding her horse from an impending mountain storm. Joy exists in each present moment. We must pause our busy brains to see it, and I hope my paintings help you hit pause. To observe the beauty, the light, in every little detail is to truly witness the perfection of the universe. I want viewers to feel present with my subject matter and believe it exists, like you could reach into the canvas and squeeze a lemon or feel the texture of a bison.

If you’d like to support Betsie and let a loved one know you’re thinking of them check out her awesome greeting cards at:
Instagram & Facebook | @betsierichardson

Kate Peterson

is a self-taught artist illustrating happy creatures under the business name The Dapper Jackalope. She earned a degree in English and a Master’s in Literature before deciding to take it as a sign that her school notebooks were full of drawings of dinosaurs. In 2014, she had her first prints made at Evermore and has been smitten with her new daily grind ever since. Kate loves to make art that—much like the legend of the jackalope—is Western in spirit, is kind of silly and kind of odd, and brims with a cheerful magical realism that she jokingly places somewhere in between Wes Anderson and Ranger Rick. When not drawing, Kate loves books and travel and cooking; but ultimately, what gets her out of bed every morning is the chance to make art that gets people of all ages thinking like kids again.

Kate is donating 20% of the proceeds of select print packs ranging from: $6 – $38 you can check them out at:
Facebook & Instagram | @thedapperjackalope

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