How To: Parking Downtown


A guide to making that daunting drive downtown a little bit easier. Trust us, we do it everyday 🙂

Things to know:

It’s (kind of) FREE!
The parking garages offer the first hour of parking for free, and street level parking has 20 minutes free. So if you’re just dropping off some originals or picking up a few prints, your wallet is safe from the meter maids.

Capitol Terrace Parking Garage has a 20 minute, street-level loading zone, with access to Evermore’s backdoor.
Just use the Idaho Street entrance, and drive straight instead of going right towards the ramp. There you will see three loading zone spots new to the toll booth. Once you’ve backed in, follow the ramp on foot towards the double doors leading to street level 8th Street. Make a left once through the doors and follow the breezeway towards the back entrance of Evermore.
This is extremely helpful when bringing in larger works of art, and looking to avoid the stairwell/elevator.

Our studio space wraps around the South stairwell/elevator of the Capitol Terrace garage.
Find a spot near the south, make your way down to street level, and head west to find our Main St. entrance inches from the stairs.

More of a visual person?
Here is a link showing the garages near us. The garage north of the US Bank Building is the Capitol Terrace garage as mentioned above.

Below is another view of the Capitol Terrace garage in pink, Evermore in blue, and the entrances from Idaho and from Main in yellow.


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