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What is your standard turn around time?

From original to print 7-10 business days, studio rates can take about one month. If we have the file or reprinting from a previous order we are 2-3 business days. We can do same day or next day but do charge a rush fee.

Are you open on the weekends?

No, we take the weekends to spend time with our family.

Do you have a minimum order?

Yes, we do have a shop minimum of $20.00. Why? Most of our media is on 44″ rolls and to run off a single small print wastes a lot of paper and time, we would be glad to help you come up with an order that meets the minimum without going over.

Where can I park? Is there a loading zone if I have a lot of artwork to drop off?

The best parking is in the Capital Terrace parking garage, the first hour is free, you can get into our studio without even going outside and there is a loading zone if you are going to be dropping off a lot of artwork at once.



I have a lot of artwork that needs scanned, do you offer a discount?

Yes, we offer a studio rate to help reduce the cost of scanning a large body of work, please call for details.

I already have someone that scans my artwork will you print from these files?

Yes, of course we will. The end result will depend on the quality of file we are given but we would love the opportunity to demonstrate why you should let us scan your art work. We offer a free comparison scan. Bring us the best digital file you can muster along with the original and we will scan it for free, give you a comparison print and put in on a CD for you to take with you. You will see the difference.

I teach an art class, do you guys do any presentations to classes or art groups?

We love to give presentations! It’s a great opportunity to learn more about the printing process, color management, art scanning and it’s free. Offered in our convenient downtown location. Call for details

Can you mount or laminate things?

Yes, we have partnered with another great local business so we can offer these services. The best part is the price; it’s the same whether you go direct or let us handle the leg work for you!

Do you do framing?

No. We do not do any framing. But we have a number of local frame shops we would be happy to recommend.

I am a new client and I have a lot of questions, where do I start?

We would love to talk to you. Evermore offers a no obligation new client consult, we will go over our scanning process, media selections, teach you about the difference between Giclee & Xerographic prints, discuss the best options for your type of artwork and answer any questions you may have about the process. We can also help you discover the best way to get your art out there and available to potential customers. New client consults are offered by appointment only so we can be sure to be able to dedicate time to you. Please call to set up an appointment.

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