Call To Artists – 2020/2021 selectees

 In First Thursday, UPCOMING SHOWS

The 2020 – 2021 Evermore Open Artist call has closed. Thank you to all of the applicants and congratulations to our juried artists. Below you can find a schedule of events and information about artists. 

Jaimee Johnston

The series uses food to demonstrate symptoms of anxiety. The body of work is self-portraiture done in charcoal and colored pencil. Jaimee helps viewers connect with the sense of panic and lack of control that is associated with anxiety. This series also challenges the viewer to try and decipher what symptom is represented in the piece. Jaimee feels mental health should be discussed openly and this exhibition encourages people to do so.

John Bertram

John creates art that is thought-provoking and stimulating. He takes on subjects that are relevant to today’s life and that will help the viewer better appreciate an issue or subject.

His collages tell a story, which unfolds as a drama or interaction of ideas and places.

Fitting together materials and components with layers of paper can change what is first seen to a larger impression of thought.

John enjoys the process of research, exploration and execution that freeze’s moments in time, awakening a viewer’s imagination and pleasure.

Mike Chambers

Mike is a digital artist interested in showing the development of a core image over multiple phases. He also focuses on creating experiences that encourage the viewer to physically interact with the work.

Josh Udesen

Josh was awarded a grant from the Alexa Rose Foundation in 2019 to build a body of work focused on the connection between nature, place and history.

His proposal for the grant was to follow the Nez Perce trail on his motorcycle adventure through portions of Oregon, Idaho and Montana. He retraced the historical trail of the Nez Perce tribe, led by Chief Joseph, who was pursued by the US Army in 1877. The rugged “trail” bisects some of the most iconic wilderness in the United States. Ranging from two lane highways, single track ridge trails, rugged 4×4 roads to old wagon routes. The trail starts in Joseph, Oregon, crosses Hell’s Canyon, the Snake River, the Salmon River near White Bird, Idaho, the Selway River Wilderness in Idaho and the Bitterroot River in Montana. Eventually crossing Yellowstone National Park where the tribe was chased north to the Canadian border.

Josh explored off the grid locations few would think to visit and built a journal of ideas along the way. With a focus on the route, the land and the story he was inspired to build body of work connecting his experience with representations of the places of the West that have both changed and remained the same since the days of Chief Joseph.

Brecken Bird

Brecken immersed herself into her past finding a strong connection to family and self during isolation related to Covid-19. She has very recently begun to work on wood panel and has found it incredibly rewarding. As a graphite artist she is fascinated by the textures she can create using only a pencil and recently discovered that working on panel can add even more detail to the textures and patterns in her work. She will be working primarily in graphite but will be using hints of pastel color with gouache. This color palette will help convey a feeling of nostalgia.

Lisa Flowers Ross

In this series, Lisa is using the simple shape of a leaf to abstract and explore implied overlapping forms, transparency, and intersections of lines. These artworks are made with fabrics the artist hand-dye herself. She mixes her own palette of colors using only red, yellow and blue chemical reactive dyes.

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