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Jake Soper

Jake Soper

Jake wants to live in a world where people create things by hand, expand their minds beyond the status-quo and take the time to thank one another for a job well done.

As a printer, Jake has always had a bit of an obsession with the smallest details. Way back in 1995 Jake began making a few Heidelberg presses the cleanest machines around. Soon after, he moved into Pre-press film stripping and gained traditional knowledge of the CMYK print process, followed by stints in bindery and estimating which contribute to Jake’s breadth of knowledge in the commercial print world. Finally in 1998 he made the jump to the digital world and began creating and sending files directly to printers… and suddenly a la Pinocchio – “I’ve got no strings, to hold me down… there are no strings on me!”

Moriah Soper

Moriah Soper

Moriah believes it's the little details that make the biggest difference and strong relationships build success.

With a background in project management Moriah enjoys the ever-changing and fast pace of small business ownership. With six years under her belt she is still a newbie to printing but loves the challenge in learning and perfecting her technique. A jack of all trades in the studio Moriah stretches canvas, finish trims prints, runs the wide format and xerographic printers and manages the day to day operations. But what Moriah is really passionate about is getting to know Evermore's clients and artist friends.

Being a busy business owner only takes a backseat to family. Moriah's favorite and most important job is being a mom to four amazing kiddos.

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