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Perspectives in Black & White

Traversing the Mississippi Delta to New Orleans furnishes one the opportunity to experience the distinctive essence of a regional sub-culture that has enriched the wider American culture dating to well before the founding of our nation.

The streets of San Francisco provide a singular look at another emerging subculture destined to be an important cultural touchstone going forward.

The juxtaposition of this past and present, old and new, offers a contrast in aesthetic informed by their outsider sensibilities, and united in their determination to lead their own lives, in their own unique cultural context while maintaining a claim to their rightful place in the mainstream of our national life.

Upcoming Show Schedule

6th Annual Art Deck O at VACApril 19th
Susan ValiquetteMay 3rd
Mark DavisJune 7th
3rd Annual Boise Art CrawlJune 23rd
Suzanne Lee ChetwoodJuly all month
Jordan RosengrantAugust 2nd
Mark McGinnisSeptember 9th
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